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Watch: Don't moan if you don't vote, say Jyväskylä voters

Voters in Jyväskylä were not shy about sharing their assessment of the outgoing government's performance.

With just one week to go before a closely-watched general election in Finland, voters in the Central Finland city of Jyväskylä were calling on their peers to exercise their franchise.

"Of course I think it's important to vote, because otherwise what would be the point of the system?" asked Antero.

"What I personally don't like is if people then moan about getting a bad government or bad politicians, especially if you don't exercise your right," he pointed out.

Mediocre middle managers

With ballot day just around the corner, interviewees who spoke to Yle News for its voter pulse series were not shy of sharing their views on the performance of the outgoing government.

"They haven't really been acting like leaders. They've been acting more like mediocre middle managers," Alistair charged.

"I am not very happy with the job they have done, personally," said Anni. "They have really ignored the opinions of independent experts," she added.

A majority of the interviewees cited climate change as one of the most important issues that they would be weighing as they cast their votes. However other election themes included education, the economy, business development and privatisation. The government's fruitless struggle to roll out social and health care reform also made the list.

"[One of the most important issues is] probably the health care reform, which has been ongoing a long time and which they haven't quite managed to do yet," remarked Antero.

You can watch the entire voter pulse series on Yle Areena and also catch our election debate featuring Finland's nine main parliamentary groups.

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