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Watch: Finland's political leaders interviewed in English

Yle News has interviewed all eight of Finland's major party leaders, asking them to reveal their plans for the country over the next four years. You can watch all eight of the interviews on this page.

Alexander Stubb
Image: Yle

Centre Party chair Juha Sipilä:

Video: Juha Sipilä.
Video: Yle

Poll-leading Juha Sipilä kept his cards close to his chest in our interview, refusing to reveal which party he'd prefer to include in his likely coalition government. He also said he's keen on work-based immigration, even suggesting that employers should be more flexible on Finnish language requirements.

SDP Chair Antti Rinne:

Video: Social Democratic Party chair Antti Rinne
Video: Yle

Rinne emphasised his drive for a fairer labour market by outlining his policy to combat zero-hours contracts. At the same time, Rinne said that small and medium enterprises will drive economic growth, and should if necessary look for employees willing to work without guaranteed hours. Rinne had a tough line on immigration, saying that Finland will need work-based immigration--but not for a few years.

Finns Party chair Timo Soini:

Video: Timo Soini Yle Newsin haastattelussa 3. maaliskuuta.
Video: Yle

Populist Soini expressed his surprise that more immigrants do not want to come to Finland, which he described as comparatively easy for newcomers. He also took the opportunity to deny his party has racist elements, and to insist that the European Union should 'go back to its roots' as a commercial rather than political alliance.

NCP chair Alexander Stubb:

Video: PM Alexander Stubb
Video: Yle

Internationally-minded Stubb spoke of his British wife and dual-citizen children as he expanded on the liberal, outward-looking Finland he wants to help create. He also claimed he retains confidence in his ability to win the elections and remain Prime Minister, saying that he and his party will make a comeback.

Christian Democrat chair Päivä Räsänen:

Video: Päivi Räsänen.
Video: Yle

One of Finland's most controversial politicians, Räsänen reiterated her party's hard line on gay marriage. She also said she wants to work against radicalisation among young Muslims, and made the case for immigration as an economic boon to Finland.

Green League chair Ville Niinistö:

Video: Ville Niinistö
Video: Yle

Ville Niinistö compared Finland's nuclear policies to those pursued decades ago, warning of an air of Finlandisation around the decision to grant Fennovoima a permit for a new nuclear reactor.

Left Alliance chair Paavo Arhinmäki:

Video: Paavo Arhinmäki.
Video: Yle

Arhinmäki took the strongest line on immigration as a humanitarian policy rather than an economic one. He also espoused a new economic policy that he hopes will soon dominate debate across the continent--not just in Finland.

SPP chair Carl Haglund:

Video: Carl Haglund
Video: Yle

The Swedish People's Party leader showed his liberal side on economic and social issues alike.

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