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Watch: Hail pummels south-east Finland, turns ground wintry white

Rescue services in the east were also put to the test responding to fires and other damage caused by lightning strikes.

Hailstones rained down on the south-eastern city of Lappeenranta on Monday evening, turning it from a summery green to a wintry white. Local resident Janna Airas recorded the wild weather for posterity.

According to Yle meteorologist Matti Huutonen, the seemingly unseasonal weather was not at all unusual. He noted that thunderstorms and hail often go together.

"There are always hailstones in thunderclouds. Now they have been so large, that they have not had time to melt before hitting the ground," he explained.

While yesterday’s thundery weather in the southeast has now migrated toward Russia, a new low-pressure zone moved over the west on Monday night, bringing more thunderstorms across the country. However Huutonen said that he did not expect more hail.

Finnish news agency STT reported that Monday’s wild weather resulted in many calls for emergency service workers in Lappeenranta, as residents struggled to repair damage caused by the hail.

Lightning strikes hit buildings, one person

In Koli, eastern Finland, rescue services were also put to the test during violent thundershowers that plagued the region on Monday evening.

Lightning strikes started a fire at an old school building at Niinilahdentie. The building, which was being used for accommodation, held 14 people at the time, however no one was reported injured.

Meanwhile another explosive lightning bolt struck an oil container igniting a fire that spread to the cellar of a building on the property and badly damaged the structure. Other parts of the building that were used for residential purposes were spared from serious damage. Work continued late into the night to extinguish the blaze and residents were evacuated.

Lightning also struck and mildly injured one individual in the Mäkränaho outdoor area. The patient was taken to the North Karelia central hospital for treatment. Meanwhile the electrical discharges also set a small cottage on fire on an island in the Koli region, completely destroying the structure. No one was injured.

The violent storm also caused a malfunction in the Koli Sokos Hotel’s fire alarm system.

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