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Watch: Inequality, climate top of mind for Turku voters

Most interviewees gave the current government's rating a thumbs down during Yle's News' straw poll.

Climate change, inequality and Finland's role in the EU were some of the key issues voters in Turku said they would be considering when they cast their ballots in Finland's parliamentary elections on 14 April. Members of the public shared their views as Yle News continued its voter pulse series in the southwestern city.

"I think it's important to take care of things that make society ... equal. We need to take care of all kinds of people," said Marja.

Others expanded the focus to look at bigger issues, such as the impact Finland could have on the EU during its turn at hosting the rotating EU presidency later this year.

"The parliament which we will choose will then also have an effect on the European Union. So it's very important. We'll be deciding on the fate of the globe," Joonas noted.

It's all "money, money, money"

Although most interviewees weren't thrilled with the current government's performance, some gave it credit for increasing employment and boosting national competitiveness.

"It has done a terrible job. Because it's all about money, money, money. That's it," Mika remarked.

"Well, at least they succeeded in raising [our competitiveness]. I don't know about anything else. I haven't liked their performance," Marika commented.

Voters were interviewed before Prime Minister Juha Sipilä tendered his administration's resignation on 8 March after failing to see its ambitious social and health care reform over the finish line. His three-party coalition will however remain in office in a caretaker capacity until the next government is formed.

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