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Watch: Santa Claus takes off to spread Christmas cheer around the world

The most famous resident of the Korvatunturi region in Lapland embarks on an important mission.

Santa Claus, the most famous resident of the Korvatunturi region in Lapland, has embarked on his annual tour around the world to spread Christmas joy.

While holiday traffic on both land and air picks up steam, Mr. Claus prefers his own, private means of transport: a reindeer-powered sleigh.

Lapland is expecting a record-breaking amount of tourists this winter season, with most destinations being fully booked for Christmas. In December alone, an unprecedented 538 direct flights from Europe will land on the snowy turf of the North. Nearly 50 of those holiday flights are from Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

However, Santa is prepared to welcome an even larger group of guests from China, as the region is expecting tens of thousands of Chinese tourists by the end of the year.

But first, he has some important present-giving business to attend to.

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