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Watch: Voters in Tampere stress climate, immigration, economy ahead of election

Yle News spoke to voters in Tampere in the first in a series that looks at issues the electorate is prioritising ahead of Finland's 14 April general election.

The environment, poverty, the economy. These are a few of the burning questions in voter’s minds ahead of parliamentary elections due on 14 April.

In the first of a video series, Yle News took to the streets of Tampere, the country’s most populous inland city, to see what would be uppermost in voters' thoughts when they go to the polls in about two months.

"Climate change is a big issue," said Tampere resident Mimmi. "But I'm also worried about social issues like poverty -- children's poverty," she added.

Andrew from Espoo said there's a need to look at the relationship between the capital and the countryside. "I think like most other countries, there's issues to do with immigration. Who is Finnish?" he added.

"Hoping for a change"

Yle News also asked interviewees to assess the government's performance. Andrew said the government hasn't achieved all it set out to and that it doesn't seem to "hang together" very well. "I'd certainly be hoping for a change of government at this time," he declared.

"The future government or the upcoming government needs to be able to work together much more than they are now," remarked Tampere local Mauno.

This year’s election takes place against the backdrop of the resignation of the Juha Sipilä administration, after its failed bid to overhaul social and health care services.

After President Sauli Niinistö accepted the government’s resignation, he asked it to stay on in a caretaker capacity until the election.

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