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Weather forecast serves up meteor showers with a side of heavy rain

Showers are expected throughout the coming week, but temperatures should stay summery.

Perseidejä kuvattuna Puolan rannikolla elokuussa vuonna 2017.
View of a Perseid Meteor Shower over the Baltic Sea in Niechorze, north Poland, August 2017. Image: Lukasz Ogrodowczyk / EPA

A low pressure front is expected to hover over Finland this week, bringing rain and thunderstorms.

"Although we'll see plenty of showers and even some lightning storms, there will still be times when the sun is peaking out," says Yle meteorologist Seija Paasonen.

Temperatures in southern and central areas may rise as high as 20 degrees Celsius, while they will likely peak in the teens in the north.

Paasonen says that the coming week will give Finns another reason to look to the skies, as meteor showers may be visible at night. The Perseids are meteor showers associated with the comet Swift–Tuttle, and are called Perseids because the point from which they appear to hail (called the radiant) lies in the constellation Perseus.

Warm nights with no chance of frost

"On Monday, there will be rain and thunderstorms in southern and central Finland. Tomorrow the thunderstorms will move towards western Finland," Paasonen says.

Less rainfall is expected in Lapland than in other parts of the country, but it will be cloudy in the north.

"Fortunately, there is no chance of frost as we will have warm, humid nights. There will also be fog. It looks great in the evening when it gets cooler, and there is still some in the morning."

According to Paasonen, daytime temperatures are about average for this time of year, but the nights are slightly warmer.

Towards the end of the week the air mass is expected to cool down, but temperatures may still reach 20 degrees in some areas. Light drizzles are likely over the weekend.

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