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Website glitch prompts tax return deadline extension

Around 1.7 million taxpayers were facing Tuesday's deadline, but now have until the end of Friday to file their returns.

Henkilö tutkii verohallinnon nettisivuja.
Around 1.7 million taxpayers were facing Tuesday's deadline. Image: Henrietta Hassinen / Yle

Finland's Tax Administration has extended a tax return deadline by a few days because of a service disruption of its MyTax website on Tuesday.

On Tuesday evening — the disruption prevented some people from completing their returns before the deadline, which was 11:59pm that night.

"Customers will have extra time, until Friday 14 May until 11:59pm. Customers will not be charged late fees for using the extended deadline," the Tax Administration said in a release issued Wednesday.

Around 1.7 million taxpayers were facing Tuesday's deadline, but the authority said it estimated that most of them had been able to file their taxes on time.

Max 1,000 customers unable to file

Approximately 164,000 customers logged into the MyTax service on Tuesday and around 45,000 tax returns were filed, according to the service's product owner, Joonas Jarva.

He said that the number of customers who were unable to file their returns in time ranged from a few hundred to up to 1,000.

Jarva said the service problem was due to a technical malfunction.

The day before the deadline, on Monday, there were more than 170,000 logins to the site, with about 70,000 returns filed.

The tax authority said on Wednesday that the MyTax service was up and running and that it was able to process tax returns normally.

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