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Wednesday is the Worst Day for Finns

Finns are in their worst mood on a Wednesday afternoon. However, the idea that Finns are dour by nature is just a stereotypical view; Finns have a pleasurable disposition, a survey carried out by pollster Taloustutkimus on people's time usage indicates.

Exceptions to the Wednesday rule are school pupils, who feel at their worst on Monday.

Families with children tended to be less content on Wednesdays . The survey showed 54% were in a bad mood by mid-day while the corresponding figure for singles was 40% and that for childless couples 37%.

Holidays were also a trying period for many families with some 60% claiming to be in a bad mood by mid-day Wednesday.

Thursday evening proved to be the best time for chores in order to prepare for the weekend. Daytime Saturday proved the most popular time for shopping.

Finns sleep, on average, seven hours per night. Senior managers and experts tended to sleep less well. This was also a problem for farmers and entrepreneurs.

The time usage of 3,693 Finns between the ages of 12 and 79 was examined for a period of two months from May onwards.


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