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Wednesday to-do: Retune your TV?

Several television channels are moving to new broadcasting frequencies on Wednesday, May 17th, when a new license period for the terrestrial TV network starts in Finland. This means that some TV viewers must perform a channel search to retune their sets. In some areas, viewers will also receive fewer channels than before.

Televisioantenni katolla.
Image: Risto Koskinen / Yle

The majority of the current terrestrial network TV channels will continue in the new license period. However, some of the channels are being moved from one multiplex to another and their broadcasting frequencies will change.

Households that receive their TV programmes via the terrestrial TV network will have to carry out a channel search. If the TV receiver does not perform an automatic channel search or update the channel list, a manual search will be required.

The changes in the contents of the multiplexes do not require technical changes to antenna systems in single-family houses or in housing companies.

The coverage areas of some commercial channels are also changing, which means that some viewers will receive fewer channels than before.

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