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Wednesday’s papers: Waste-collecting SUP boarder, judgement in “human waste” case, and Helsinki’s selfie hot-spots

An innovative method of cleaning Finland's lakes, city councillor deemed 'offensive', and Helsinki's selfie trail

Selfiekeppikuvausta Senaatintorilla
Tourists take a selfie photograph in front of Helsinki Cathedral on Senate Square Image: Petteri Sopanen / Yle

Jyväskylä daily Keskisuomalainen leads with the story of a Stand Up Boarding (SUP) enthusiast who is using his hobby to clean up local lakes. The paper details how local man Perttu Walkeajärvi decided to act after finding two car tyres at the bottom of a lake, and has now turned his board into a small waste barge.

The paper spent two hours with Walkeajärvi as he paddled around on a lake near the village of Haapasaari in Central Finland, during which time he pulled a variety of plastic materials, tarpaulins, cans and other waste from the water.

"I spend a long time looking through the coves of the Jyväskylä environment, and the situation is the same in every location," Walkeajärvi told the newspaper.

The littering of Finland's lakes is especially evident when the water level is low, as it can be during drier summers, according to Keskisuomalainen.

"Human waste" judgement

Tabloid daily Iltalehti reports that a speech by a Centre Party politician in the northern city of Oulu, which referred to underprivileged people in the city as “human waste”, has been declared ‘inappropriate, disrespectful and offensive’ by the Deputy Ombudsman Maija Sakslin.

City councillor Riikka Moilanen made the controversial comments in a question to a City of Oulu council meeting in September last year. The following day her then-employer, the social and healthcare service provider Pihlajalinna, dismissed her from her position as CEO of the company, citing the inappropriateness of her comments.

Helsinki's most popular selfie locations

Finally, Helsingin Sanomat has taken to the streets of the capital to find the city’s most popular selfie locations. The paper quotes Helsinki Marketing Content Producer Riitta Kokkonen as saying that the top three locations for selfie-taking in Helsinki are the sea fortress islands of Suomenlinna, the Lutheran Cathedral on Senate Square, and the colourful Art Nouveau neighbourhood of Huvilakatu in the Ullanlinna district.

Other popular selfie locations which make the list include the Sibelius Monument in Töölö, the Amos Rex Courtyard in Lasipalatsi (Glass Palace) Square, the Allas Sea Pool in the harbour area, and the newly-built Oodi Central Library.

According to Kokkonen, there is also a noticeable difference between the locations popular with tourists, and those favoured by locals.

“Tourists' selfies are often taken in the city centre and close to the sights, while locals find more of the city's hidden gems.”

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