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Weekend weather splits Finland: Over 20 degrees in south, under 10 up north

The temperature rises above 20 degrees Celsius at this time of year about twice per decade on average.

Puut syksynä
Leaves are just beginning to turn colour in parts of southern Finland. Image: Paulus Markkula / Yle

This weekend will be warm and partly sunny in Finland’s southern half. Meanwhile a high-pressure system strengthening in Lapland will bring autumnally chilly and grey conditions to the north.

On Saturday the mercury may climb above 20 degrees Celsius in southern, eastern and central Finland, says Yle meteorologist Anne Borgström.

“An excellent weekend lies ahead. There might be some morning fog which won’t burn off in some areas until afternoon, but that’s part of autumn,” she says.

According to Borgström, the temperature rises above 20 degrees Celsius in late September about once every five years on average.

Warm spell into next week

After a cool spell, the air has warmed again in recent days in many areas, and September may end up being warmer than average. At this point it looks as if the warmer conditions will continue in south until early next week at least.

Nights will be mild, mostly 8-13 degrees, but dipping down to 3 degrees in Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu.

But while it may still feel summery in the south, there will be a decidedly autumnal feel in northern Finland. In Lapland, temperatures will remain below 10 degrees this weekend, dropping slightly below freezing at night. A band of rain is set to spread from Ostrobothnia to Southern Lapland.

Most areas will have light to moderate winds from the south and/or east, but Lapland will get northerly winds beginning on Friday night.

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