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Well-wishers Spending More on Graduation Gifts

Many spring graduation parties will be celebrated on Saturday. Nowadays more expensive presents are given to the graduates. Ten years ago, well-wishers forked out 100 marks, but today they could dish-out up to one-hundred euros.

For this year's spring graduates, preparations for Saturday's ceremony and subsequent celebrations are in the final stages after weeks of anticipation. The young graduates will deservedly be the centre of attention once the graduation formalities are over.

Guests invited to the celebrations are expected to bring presents, gift vouchers - or cash. Such gifts have become significantly more expensive over the years. And nowadays they may take the shape of watches or even jewellery.

The value of financial gifts has also escalated over the years. During the days of the Finnish mark, one hundred marks was considered generous. This year, the average value of vouchers purchased at banks is nearly one hundred euros - close to six times more than ten years ago.

On the other side of the coin, graduating has become a more profitable exercise - young people are looking forward to more expensive congratulatory tokens - and they're getting them.

Guests who prefer to go against the money tide, may consider some store-bought or home-made gifts. They could turn out be less expensive options that gift vouchers or hard cash.

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