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Widespread bank card payment disruptions in Finland

A technical problem with the digital platform is apparently behind a widespread glitch preventing bank card payments and online banking services.

Asiakkaita jonottamassa pankkiautomaatille
ATM queue in the western municipality of Ylivieska on Sunday Image: Petri Kuikka / Yle

Several chains of banks in Finland reported problems with their bank cards on Sunday, saying that the cards were not working as they should at payment terminals in shops. Problems with several banking firms' online banking services have also been observed.

Customers throughout the country are commenting on the service disruptions on social media, saying that retailers have been asking them to pay in cash for their purchases.

OP Bank, Nordea and S Group wrote on Twitter that they were having troubles with their services, and Danske Bank communications director Sara Anttila told Yle that their customers are also having problems.

"Unfortunately we don't know the scale of the problem yet. We are doing our best to get to the bottom of it," she says.

OP said on Twitter at 1:34 pm on Sunday that it had traced the problems to a disturbance in the Nets digital platform. It said the bank is working to fix the problem and regretted the inconvenience to its customers.

Nets Finland tweeted at 2:12 pm that the problem is "outside the Nets systems", but said it was working to correct it as soon as possible.

Update at 16:32: S Group's banking service and Danske Bank say most of the bank card services have returned to normal.

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