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Wind farm construction at record levels

A record number of wind turbines will be constructed in Finland this year. There are twice the number of turbines being built as last year.

Latamäen tuulivoimapuisto Luhangassa.
Image: Matti Myller / Yle

This year some 234 wind turbines will be built on a total of 22 wind farms across the country. Once complete, the combined output of the wind farms will reach about 759 megawatts (759 million watts).

The executive manager of the Finnish Wind Power Association Anni Mikkonen says that there are more wind turbines being built in the country than ever before.

The construction boom is mostly taking place in the northern Ostrobothnia area. Nearly half of the 22 wind farms under construction are located there, a region which already provides 44 percent of the country's wind power.

This summer, some 17 wind turbines will be built on wind farm on Santavuori hill in the southern Ostrobothnian municipality of Ilmajoki. Roughly a dozen windmills are in operation on the site and already producing electricity.

Once complete, the Santavuori wind farm is expected to contribute some 150 gigawatt hours of electricity to Finland's network annually; roughly the energy equivalent required to heat ten thousand single-family homes for a year.

Finland's largest wind farm project is underway in the western coastal municipality of Kristinestad, with 34 wind turbines planned.

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