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Winter storm set to bring 20 cm of new snow

A precipitation front will move over Finland from the south on Sunday, bringing up to 20 centimetres of fresh snow to southern and central areas.

A new low-pressure front will start crossing into Finland late Saturday night, bringing between 10 and 20 centimetres of snow to southern and central areas on Sunday.

The snowfall will not extend north into Finnish Lapland until Monday, while frigid temperatures of minus 20 degrees Celsius there are predicted to continue. Temperatures will be much warmer in the south, where the mercury may even rise above the freezing point at times.

During the snowfall in the lower parts of the country, Yle meteorologists Henri Nyman and Matti Huutonen say winds could gust at close to 15 meters per second at their strongest.

"In other words, the snow is going to blow around and create drifts. The storm could be the worst we've seen this winter, especially if it continues into Monday," they say.

Hazardous conditions for planes, trains and automobiles

They say the blustery conditions will create dangerous traffic conditions in all of the areas affected and choppy waters at sea. Even though the worst of the snowfall will likely take place overnight, the weather experts predict that the new snow cover may cause problems for road, railway and even air traffic in the next few days.

The added snow may cause other safety concerns, too, as many trees branches in the central areas of Finland in particular are already carrying heavy snow burdens. Hard winds and even more weight could mean that some trees and branches start falling, cutting power lines and potentially causing serious damage.

Yet another round of snow may be heading towards Finland on Monday as well. If it does arrive, Yle meterologist Joonas Koskela says it will dump the most snow in southeastern areas. He warns that driving conditions in this part of Finland will be very bad on Monday.

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