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Women in cultural industries take #MeToo stand

Some 1,000 women working in cultural industries have signed a statement demanding zero tolerance for sexual harassment, echoing the international #MeToo campaign.

Naisen kädessä kyltti jossa lukee #MeToo
The international #MeToo campaign has put sexual harassment on the agenda. Image: Alphacit Newim / AOP

Women in Finland’s cultural industries have joined a campaign against sexual harassment by putting their names to a statement demanding zero tolerance of inappropriate behaviour. Published via Helsingin Sanomat, Finland’s biggest mass-circulation daily, and Yle’s Swedish-language service, the statement is signed by 965 people including some of the biggest names in the culture sector.

The signatories demanded that the issue be taken seriously by managers and leaders in the sector. Social media postings under the #kulissientakana hashtag, which translates as ‘behind the scenes’.

#MeToo-style accounts have been gathered anonymously on Facebook and published at the Swedish Yle website and via Helsingin Sanomat.

Signatories include actor-professor Elina Knihtilä, actors Heli Sutela and Iina Kuustonen and director Johanna Vuoksenmaa.

The move follows a similar statement by women in Finland's Swedish-speaking communities this week under the #dammenbrister hashtag.

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