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"Women's Rooms" Showcases Finnish Art History in China

Fifteen Finnish artists are being showcased at the National Art Museum of China."Women's Rooms" is this year's biggest Finnish arts event in Beijing.

Kiinalaiset naiset katsovat suomalaista taidetta Pekingissä.
Naisten huoneet -näyttely on esillä Kiinan kansallisessa taidemuseossa NAMOCissa. Image: YLE

Chinese visitors queued up in front of the national art museum to view 72 works by 15 Finnish women.

The exhibit spans more than a century of Finnish history, with paintings and modern graphic works from the collection of the Ateneum museum in Helsinki.

The unifying theme of the exhibit is Finnish nature. Each work shows the artists' interpretation of various aspects of nature in various seasons. Featured artists include Maria Wiik, Ellen Thesleff, Elin Danielson-Gambog, and Ina Colliander.

The show, which will run for nearly a month, was organised to mark sixty years of diplomatic relations between Finland and China.

See information on the exhibit on NAMOC's website.

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