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Wood imports up by a third, exports increase in value

Finland's Natural Resources Institute says forest industry products accounted for 21 percent of annual exports in 2018.

Puita siirretään traktorin lavalta puupinoon kuivumaan
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Finland imported 11.57 million cubic metres of wood in 2018, a 33 percent increase on the previous year, Finland's Natural Resources Institute (Luke) reported on Thursday.

Russia accounted for the majority of imported wood at 71 percent, although this represented a decrease from 2017, when 85 percent of imported wood came to Finland from its eastern neighbour.

Sixty-three percent of total wood imports was pulp wood, and the next largest group was wood chips, at 27 percent of the total.

"The remaining 10 percent was logs, wood for fuel, preserved wood and wood residues. Pulpwood imports increased by 50 percent and chip imports were up by 16 percent on 2017. The value of wood imports to Finland was half a billion euros”, Luke senior statistician Eeva Vaahtera said in a bulletin.

13 billion in forest product exports

Finland exported 2.1 million cubic metres of wood in 2018, 48 percent more than the year before. Sweden was the recipient of 72 percent of it, followed by Germany (6 percent) and Poland (5 percent).

The value of exported pulp and paper industry products in 2018 was 10.3 billion euros, an increase of 8 percent on the previous year in real terms.

The total for all exported forest product exports was 13.2 billion euros, representing 21 percent of Finland's total exports. Germany, China and the UK were Finland's key trading partners in this area.

Paper made up one-third of the value of exported forest industry products, followed by paperboard (22 percent) and pulp (20 percent). The increase in exported pulp represented a 28 percent rise from 2017 levels, while paper and paperboard exports were up by just 3 percent.

The data on the forest industries' international trade was supplied by Finnish Customs.

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