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Working group calls for stricter control on storing guns

A Ministry of the Interior working group has proposed stricter conditions and clarifications to current legislation concerning the use of firearms. If the proposals are accepted, all firearms and accessories will be kept under lock and key.

Kuvassa ns. armovuosilakiin perustuvan asekeräyksen satoa Kokkolan poliisilaitoksella: kivääri, revolveri ja konepistooli.
Stricter controls for storage firearms are proposed. Image: Helena Mehtälä / Yle

Current legislation demands that guns be kept under lock or that gun components should be kept in a separate location than the actual weapon.

Owners of particularly dangerous firearms or five individual guns will have to purchase an approved secure gun cabinet. An alternative will be to store firearms at a special facility approved by officials.

The working group suggests that efficient air guns be included in the new regulations governing the storage of firearms. Their recommendations come in the light of several shooting incidents in recent years.


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