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Yle Areena tops Finland’s most valued internet brand list

In a new survey, Yle Areena has been voted Finland's top internet brand, beating out entertainment giants such as Netflix.

Användare håller i en pekplatta med Yle Arenan-appens förstasidesvy öppen.
Image: Tuuli Laukkanen / Yle

Yle Areena has risen to Finland's number one internet brand, according to an annual brand survey by Taloustutkimus Research that asked respondents to rank the best domestic and international internet brands.

Yle's streaming site beat out international brands such as Netflix and Amazon.

With Yle Areena in top place, the Finnish Meteorological Institute took second place and the national health care service's took third place in the survey of domestic brands. was in fourth place; no other media made the top ten.

Altogether, 175 foreign and domestic brands were included in the poll, which surveyed 3,153 respondents living in Finland.

Last year Yle Areena was second after Google in the international comparison.

Yle Areena is used by 78 percent of people living in Finland and is familiar to 92 percent of people living in Finland.

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