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Yle election machine and interviews online

Yle’s coverage of Finland’s upcoming election gets going from Wednesday, when the candidate election machine opens along with video interviews of the vast majority of candidates hoping to make it to parliament on 19 April.

Some 2,000 candidates are running for the 200 spots in Finland's parliament. Election day is April 19. Image: Jyrki Lyytikkä / Yle

Election season is well underway in Finland as Yle’s candidate election machine opens to voters on Wednesday. The website asks for responses to a series of questions on public policy, and then compares the answers to those of candidates to find the best fit.

In all some 1,600 candidates, have answered the questions in Yle’s election machine and can be offered as potential ‘matches’ to curious voters.

Meanwhile around 1,800 candidates, or some 90 percent of the 2,000 standing in total, have undergone a four-minute grilling by Yle journalists for the ‘election gallery’ of video interviews.

All interview videos are available to watch here, and the election machine is available here.

Yle News is interviewing each party leader in English, and you can watch those videos via our website.

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