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Yle: Government considering new job search requirements for unemployed

The scheme somewhat resembles former PM Juha Sipilä's government's so-called activation model for jobseekers.

Asiakas astuu Helsingin Työllisyyden palvelutorille Pasilan TE-toimistoon 28. heinäkuuta.
Entrance to the TE (employment) Service in the Pasila district of Helsinki (file photo). Image: Markku Ulander / Lehtikuva

In an aim to boost employment, the Finnish government is aiming to implement a programme that requires people receiving unemployment benefits to apply or participate in up to four 'job opportunities' every month, according to information obtained by Yle.

Each of those 'opportunities' may not be limited to job searches, but also, for example, a visit to a job fair. Each of the jobseeker's monthly efforts would be reported to the TE (employment) Service electronically.

The arrangement is said to ensure that the unemployed get strong support in their job search efforts, and likely be promoted as an improvement over the so-called employment activation model set up by former prime minister Juha Sipilä (Cen).

PM Sanna Marin's (SDP) government rolled back the Sipilä administration’s widely unpopular activation model, which docked unemployment benefits for unemployed people failing to meet certain targets.

Finance minister Matti Vanhanen (Cen) and cabinet members of Marin's administration discussed the scheme during ongoing budget talks that began at Helsinki's House of the Estates on Monday.

The proposed scheme is said to involve job seekers getting a call from the local employment office within five days of applying for benefits. Then, every month job seekers would then need to demonstrate they are actively looking for work, and face the possibility of losing allowances if they are unable to prove they have applied for jobs.

According to information obtained by Yle, the government is also planning to inject an additional 50 million euros in funding to hire additional employment office workers.

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