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Yle journalists nab Red Cross award for tackling minority issues in Finland

The FRC has given their Humanitarian Gesture Award to two Yle journalists for drawing attention to issues affecting an increasingly multicultural Finland.

Mahadura & Özberkan
Susani Mahadura and Yagmur Özberkan. Image: Anne Hämäläinen / Yle

”The Mahadura and Özberkan radio program has successfully tackled difficult issues in a new and fresh way—something that’s been missing in public discourse,” says Pertti Torstila, Finnish Red Cross board president.

Susani Mahadura’s and Yagmur Özberkan’s radio show (Mahadura & Özberkan) on Yle Puhe drew accolades from the Finnish Red Cross for tackling under-reported issues such as immigration, multiculturalism, cultural appropriation, the rights of transgendered people and refugees, drugs, sexual harassment, human trafficking and blackface traditions.

”We have come a long way but, there’s still a lot of work to be done in regards to how minorities are portrayed in society. Every Finn should feel like they are a part of this society regardless of their gender, ethnic background, religion or sexual orientation,” Torstila adds.

The Humanitarian Gesture Award (Inhimmillinen kädenojennus in Finnish) is given annually to a person or community in recognition of their work in promoting humanitarian values. The award was established in 1989. Previous winners include the Global Clinic for treating undocumented foreign patients.

Listen to Mahadura & Özberkan's episodes on Yle Areena (in Finnish).

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