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YLE Looking Into Illegal Programme Use On YouTube

The Director of Corporate Affairs for the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE says that the Internet video sharing service YouTube has made massive use of the company's productions.

Clips from programmes, including some of YLE's most popular comedy series are to be found on the site.

As of Wednesday the matter was being examined by YLE in an effort to determine the extent of the illegal use of its material.

According to YLE's Director of Corporate Affairs, Jussi Tunturi, the company will open discussions with YouTube, but he did not rule out the possibility of action in a U.S. court. He added that it is possible that several Finnish companies will act together, as the site also contains programming by Finland's MTV3 and Nelonen.

Tunturi added that following the acquisition of YouTube this week by Google, it should be easier to settle the matter since YLE will be dealing with what he described as a large company that operates according to the terms of contracts.

He would not speculate on whether or not people who have provided copyright materials to YouTube would be traced, but he did point out that for the most part the situation regarding their actions with YouTube is illegal.

However, YLE's Director of Corporate Affairs did not reject the idea that YLE might promote its own programming on YouTube. At least one Finnish TV channel, Subtv is currently promoting a new series with clips on the service.

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