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Yle News - Finland’s English-language news desk

For over a decade, Yle News has been Finland's source of comprehensive English-language news. The Yle News team is composed of multilingual journalists hailing from many parts of the English-speaking world.

Yle News was established in 1999 - the first year Finland held the rotating EU Presidency. The time was ripe for a news service that would deliver comprehensive English-language coverage about Finland for television, radio and online audiences.

The first Yle News television bulletin aired on TV Channel 1 on June 7, 1999, and the final television broadcast went out on 26 February 2017. Prior to Yle News, Radio Finland produced multilingual radio programming, including news in English. Finland’s first English-language radio news aired during World War II.

The unit now focuses on serving foreigners in Finland and Finland-interested audiences abroad through our website, on the radio, and via social media.

The Yle News site covers the top domestic stories of the day in Finland, from political and business news to issues of special interest to visitors and foreigners living in Finland. The site, which draws some 200,000 monthly readers, is updated from 07.00am to 7pmpm weekdays and from 10am to 6.30pm on weekends.

Listeners can hear All Points North, our weekly podcast, at this link.

A two and a half-minute radio bulletin of domestic news in English can be heard weekdays at 3:30pm on Yle Mondo. On weekends the bulletin's duration is three and a a half minutes and it airs at 3:29pm on Yle Mondo.

Go to Yle Areena to listen to our radio broadcasts from the last month, which can also be accessed as a podcast.

A three-minute roundup of international and domestic news is broadcast at 3:55pm on Radio Yle Radio 1 frequencies throughout the country. Yle Radio 1 can be heard at 87.9 or 90.9 FM. The latter is also available online.

Yle domestic news and weather in English can also seen on teletext pages 190-194 or clicking on this link.

You can also keep up with the latest online updates from Yle News via Twitter and Facebook. A text-only mobile version of this site is also available.