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Yle offers multimedia news in English

Yle News broadcasts in English daily at 15:05pm on TV1. Our services are also available via FM, cable and webradio, Facebook, Twitter, teletext and podcast.

Viewers can watch our TV broadcasts live via this link.

A two and a half-minute radio bulletin of domestic news in English can be heard weekdays at 3:30pm on Yle Mondo. On weekends the bulletin's duration is three and a a half minutes and it airs at 3:29pm on Yle Mondo.

Go to Yle Areena to watch our TV broadcasts or radio broadcasts from the last month, which can also be accessed as a podcast.

A three-minute roundup of international and domestic news is broadcast at 3:55pm on Radio Yle 1 frequencies throughout the country. Yle Radio 1 can be heard at 87.9 or 90.9 FM. The latter is also available online.

Yle domestic news and weather in English can also seen on teletext pages 190-194 or clicking on this link.

You can also keep up with the latest online updates from Yle News via Twitter and Facebook. A text-only mobile version of this site is also available.

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