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Yle poll: Centre on the slide, NCP strengthens

Yle's monthly tracking poll suggests strengthening support for the centre-right National Coalition Party, with backing for the Centre Party and SDP dropping slightly.

Party support 2/2018
Image: Yle Uutisgrafiikka

In Yle's monthly tracking poll, the National Coalition Party leapfrogs the Social Democrat Party into top spot. All changes in support reported in the poll are within the survey's 2.1 percentage-point margin of error.

"The 'active model' has not been that significantly negative an issue for poll respondents," said Tuomo Turja of pollsters Taloustutkimus, who conducted the survey for Yle, referencing an unpopular measure introduced to reduce unemployment. "That could explain the SDP's slight dip."

The NCP posted 21.5 percent support, followed by the Social Democrats at 20.2. The Centre Party, which secured some 21.1 percent of the vote in the 2015 parliamentary election, sits on 16.3 percent in third place.

The poll suggests the Greens' support is at 14.3 percent, while that for the Left Alliance is at 9 percent and that for the Finns Party is 9.2 percent. The Swedish People's Party pulled 3.5 percent, as did the Christian Democrats, while the breakaway Blue Reform grouping is on 1.5 percent—within the margin of error of the poll.

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