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Yle radio channels now available on smartphones

Most of Yle’s radio channels are now available to stream via smartphone apps for the iPhone, Android phones and Windows Phone devices.

Henkilö pitelee kännykkää, jossa YleX:n iPhone-applikaatio.
Image: Mikko Kuusisalo / Yle

Each channel has its own app, with Radio Vega, Yle X3M and Yle Klassinen the most recent additions to the Yle radio app stable.

They join Yle Puhe, YleX and Yle Radio 1, as well as Yle Radio Suomi and all regional channels.

The applications are downloadable from Apple’s App Store, Google Play and the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Yle Mondo, which broadcasts Yle's radio news in English every day, is not yet available via smartphone apps. Each broadcast is, however, available on Yle Areena. You can find more information about accessing Yle broadcasts here.

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