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Yle to illuminate broadcast tower to honour Estonia's centenary

The gesture on Saturday is meant to create a "symbolic bridge of light" between Finland and Estonia, according to Yle's CEO Lauri Kivinen.

Pasilan linkkitorni.
Yle's broadcast tower will be alight with the colours of the Estonian flag on Saturday, in honor of the country's 100th anniversary. Image: Derrick Frilund / Yle

The Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yle) has announced that it plans to illuminate its broadcast tower in Helsinki in white, black and blue on Saturday, in observance of Estonia's 100th anniversary.

Yle's CEO Lauri Kivinen said the lighting of the tower is a symbolic gesture.

"It is a symbolic bridge of light over the Gulf of Finland which demonstrates Finland's and Estonia's common histories and different stages. Yle has also lived alongside its neighbour for decades, as radio and television enabled cultural exchanges and contact to be made between the countries," Kivinen said.

The tower, which is located at Yle's headquarters in the Helsinki district of Pasila, will be illuminated by a total of 36 LED spotlights. Jari Väisänen of Yle's production and design team is coordinating the effort.

Similar LED lamps were used to illuminate Helsinki's Senate Square during Finland's own centenary last year.

Estonia also participated in celebrations during Finland's centennial year, with Estonian public broadcaster ERR featuring shows about Finland's history of independence.

The occasion of Estonia's 100th anniversary is also being honoured on Yle's channels this month. Starting on February 17, Yle has broadcast programmes about Estonia and its history on TV, radio and the web.

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