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Yoga Heats up Sauna for Export

Fancy striking a downward dog at 100C? Sauna enthusiasts are putting a new spin on the age-old health benefits of the traditional Finnish hot room by bringing yoga onto the sauna bench.

Miehiä saunan lauteella
Image: YLE / Jani Aarnio

A network entitled Sauna From Finland says this special brand of yoga will diversify sauna firms’ service range and pique foreigners’ interest in Finnish sauna.

Those behind the idea say they hope this form of hot yoga will catch on with the help of home instructions.

Sauna yoga combines postures from several schools of yoga. Working out in a steamy sauna is said to stimulate metabolism while boosting relaxation.

Finnish sauna is a functioning export product, but it needs an image makeover, say sauna experts.

Sauna yoga’s developer, Tiina Vainio, says Finnish sauna has somewhat of a macho image, drawing attention to sweaty sauna competitions.

”The things we know from our home saunas, the aspects related to well-being and relaxation, have been missing from the picture,” she says.

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