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Young Finnish mountaineer makes history in Central Asia

Juho Knuuttila reached the 7,105-metre summit of Peak Korzhenevskaya early Saturday, making him the youngest Finn to ever reach this altitude. Knuuttila and his climbing companion Lauri Hilander say the climb went smoothly under good weather conditions.

Imatralainen vuorikiipeilijä Juho Knuuttila Mont Blancilla kesäkuussa 2014.
Juho Knuuttila, an 18-year-old mountain climber from the eastern Finland city of Imatra, atop Mont Blanc in June 2014. Image: Juho Knuuttila

Knuuttila and Hilander reached Peak Korzhenevskaya in Tajikistan at 9:40 Saturday morning. The peak is the third highest in the country’s Pamir mountain chain and one of five “Snow Leopard Peaks” towering at over 7,000 meters in the territory of the former Soviet Union. It is the second most frequented peak in the Pamirs, as many mountain climbers seek the Snow Leopard Award for climbing all five.

The two men said their ascent to the 7,105-metre summit proceeded according to plan and the climbing conditions were excellent.

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