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Young Men of Today No More Delinquent than Generations Past

Young men's delinquent behaviour has remained more or less unchanged over the past forty years.

The nature of the delinquencies has however shifted, finds a study by the National Research Institute for Legal Policy. In the 1960s, car parts were often targeted for theft, whereas high-end bikes are the sought-after loot of today.

The institute compared criminal behaviour among young males in 1962 and 2006. Results found that today's youth has not become any more mixed up in delinquent activity than generations before, although many goods are far more accessible for theft today than 40 years ago.

"The results indicate that the prevalence of delinquency among young Finnish men has remained surprisingly stable. Theft and shoplifting seem to be at the same level as in the 1960s," says Venla Salmi, a researcher at the National Research Institute of Legal Policy.

There are of course differences between the delinquents of the Mod Age and those of today.

Theft from the workplace was much more prevalent five decades ago, and the selling of stolen goods has also decreased significantly. On the other hand, bicycle theft and drunk driving have increased since the 1960s," adds Salmi.

The stereotype that youths of the day are more reckless than generations past seems however to live on. One reason for this may be that people are more inclined to report crimes now than decades ago.

There is however one type of popular modern crime that the baby boom delinquents knew nothing of, namely, online fraud.

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