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Yle Sápmi is the voice of the indigenous people Sámi and the most important Sámi media in Finland. Yle Sápmi performs the Sámi-language public service in the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle.

Yle Sápmi provides content in all three Sámi languages, Northern Sámi, Inari Sámi and Skolt Sámi, spoken in Finland.

News are broadcasted on week days on national tv, internet and own radio channel in Northern Finland. Yle Sápmi also makes current affairs, youth, children's, cultural and spiritual radio programmes. Yle Sápmi also produces the much loved children's tv programme Unna Junná.

Yle Sápmi was awarded in 2013 with two Sámi awards: The Sámi Language Council gave the Sámi Language Achievement 2013 to Yle Sápmi and a Skolt Sámi cultural association Saa'mi Nue'tt named Yle Sápmi the Skolt Sámi of the Year 2013.

Yle's strategy governs Yle Sápmi

Yle's strategy governs Yle Sápmi's activities. Yle Sápmi is one of Yle's regional radios under the News and current affairs operations. Yle's strategic objectives are: Yle serves all Finns, Yle provides value to society and Yle has the media sector's best competence.

Yle's values are Reliability, independence, and respect for everyone. Yle's vision is to provide a world-class public service. Yle's mission is to strengthen Finnish society and culture by providing everyone with information, education, insights and experiences.

Common nordic vision gives news a framework

The Saami operations of the Nordic broadcasting companies Yle, NRK, SVT and SR share a common Nordic vision. The Nordic sámi tv news aim to be the most important source for what is happening in Sámiland and in other indigenous people's regions around the world. The common values are reliability, courage, serving the audience and sáminess.

Yle Sápmi's objectives for the strategy period 2013-15

Quality content that is versatile, topical and significant for all sámi people in relevant channels

Reliable, courageous, rapid and independent news provider, opening up debates from the Sámi perspective

Institution strengthening the Sámi languages, culture and identity

The best competence and the most wanted workplace in Sámiland

News service on tv, radio and internet

The Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle began a wholly in-house produced TV news service, Yle Ođđasat, in the Sámi language as of December 2nd 2013. Yle Ođđasat is daily, nationwide, at 3:15 PM on Yle TV1. Broadcase can be viewed on Yle Areena for a month, also outside Finland.

The first broadcast of Yle Ođđasat (meaning Yle News) had 120 000 viewers.

Up until now, and continuing in future, Yle also provides, Ođđasat, TV news for the indigenous Sámi population jointly produced by public service broadcasters in Norway, Sweden and Finland. Ođđasat is broadcasted on weekdays at 8.45 pm on Yle Fem on TV. Also Ođđasat is available of Yle Areena.

The new Yle service complements the present offerings from the Yle Sápmi unit based in Inari, that include morning and afternoon radio news broadcasts, online news in the three Sámi languages spoken in Finland and the joint Nordic Sámi TV news broadcast seen on weekday evenings.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Pirita Näkkäläjärvi, Head of Yle Sápmi, pirita.nakkalajarvi(a)yle.fi, +358 40 3577 006.

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