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“For the first time ever, an orchestra is playing video game music in Finland!”

Back in 2006 the organizers of the SCORE Music Concert had broken a world record of all time for the largest crowd at a video game concert. That was at the Joystick concert, which had an audience of 17,000 people. And most surprisingly, it was their very first concert.

Pelimusiikki siirtyy konserttisaliin Turussa

The Turku Philharmonic Orchestra will perform video game music from well-known video games such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Final Fantasy, Journey, The Legend of Zelda and Skyrim before the opening night. The geniuses behind the concept of intertwining the two worlds of gaming and the philharmonic orchestra are two Swedes, Orvar Säfström and Magnus Johansson.

We met soprano soloist Sabina Zweiacker, who made interesting points about the concert. She came to meet us at the Turku Concert Hall, and we sat down in a classical set of chairs and couches stationed in the hallway. She explains how the concert stands out from all the rest.

"It’s not typical opera or typical classical singing. It’s somewhere in between," says Zweiacker.

Zweiacker has studied classical singing at the Malmö Music Academy in Sweden. She is 30 years old and is a singing teacher. She got involved with SCORE Concert Productions thanks to Johansson.

"We were looking for a way to develop a core concept and we thought that bringing a soloist would be the best way to do it. Because that would always keep an edge and a profile to our orchestra concert. And we want the music to stand for itself," says Johansson.

The name SCORE has a double meaning. Players have scores in a video game, and conductors work from a score when leading an orchestra. This name resembles seamlessly the concept of the concert. It shows the concepts of gaming and classical music combined into an exquisite orchestra concert.

After the interviews we are allowed to record one minute of a soundtrack called Nighttime Journey. We take our seats from the empty concert hall and Johansson approaches us.

"This is your only chance to record,"  Magnus Johansson says and walks back to his place.

Lucky for us the orchestra plays a bit more than two minutes. As the music was playing, we were all blown away and glances of amazement were thrown at one another. Game on!

SCORE is performed in Finland only in the Turku Music Hall on 20th and 22th of March 2014.

Sara Hoxhaj, Savanna Lujan, Emmanuel Sahebi, Ivy Sanders and Yousif Mohamed Ibrahim, Teacher Training School of Turku University

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