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Slovenian Government Wants to Freeze Patria Deals

The Slovenian government has requested a court to temporarily suspend deals made with defence contractor Patria, reports Slovenian news service STA on Friday.

Patrian AMV 8x8-panssariajoneuvo.
Image: Patria

The government has considered several options in handling the bribery allegations surrounding the deal. An alternative would have been to attempt a renegotiation of the contract, but the government has chosen to try to suspend the deal.

Patria sold 135 armoured vehicles to Slovenia in 2006. The deal was worth 278 million euros.

The controversy arose when it came to light that Patria was suspected of paying bribes to Slovenian Defence Ministry officials and political figures in connection with the deal. Former Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa is one of the suspected bribe recipients.

It is uncertain when the freezing of the Patria deal will be handled in court. Patria had not commented on the situation on Friday.

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