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Poll: Nordics Satisfied With Immigration Policy

Most Nordic residents are satisfied with their countries' refugee policies.

Lammille avattiin pakolaisten vastaanottokeskus entisen Ronnin tiloihin, mutta kiintiöpakolaisten vastaanotto takkuaa kunnissa. Image: YLE / Sari Törmikoski

More than half of respondents in Finland, Sweden and Denmark find the number of refugees to be acceptable, according to a survey by Nordic public broadcasters.

Norwegians were the toughest in their attitudes about immigration policy, with 46 percent saying the amount of refugees was appropriate. However, 42 percent of Norwegian respondents said too many refugees were being allowed into their country.

In Sweden 32 percent said they thought there were too many refugees - as did 29 percent of Finns.

In Denmark, however, 25 percent said there are too few refugees. In Finland, Norway and Sweden 11 to 12 percent of those polled thought there are too few refugees.

Iceland did not participate in the poll.

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