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Government Buying Radar and Missile System worth over EUR 500 million

The Finnish government decided on Wednesday to acquire an American-Norwegian Nasams missile system for the Finnish Defence Forces. The system replaces the Russian-built Buk M1 missiles.

Kuva Nasamsin ilmatorjuntajärjestelmästä. Ohjus laukaistaan kuorma-auton lavalta.
Nasams on yksi harkittavista ohjusjärjestelmistä. Image: YLE

The government also decided to get a new radar surveillance system and the updating of old systems. These will cost about EUR 176 million.

Both deals include an obligation on the part of the seller to arrange for the purchase Finnish-made goods worth 100 percent of the price.

The Ministry of Defence says that the acquisitions are not raising Finnish defence costs from what has been agreed before.

EUR 25 Million Deal for Sisu

As part of the agreed-upon deal, the Finnish Sisu Defence will supply the Defence Forces with 82 lorries for terrain use. The vehicles are to be manufactured at Sisu’s Raasepori factory between 2010-2014, at a price tag of EUR 25 million.

The agreement between Sisu and the defence contractor Thales Raytheon also includes an option for supplying the Estonian Defence Forces with a radar system.

Patria Also Involved

The project is also set to provide work to the Finnish manufacturer Patria. The defence manufacturer is negotiating on the supply of launching pads and on participation in system integration.

Sources: YLE

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