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Finland in Major Trade Agreements with China

Leading Finnish companies have endorsed major billion-euro trade agreements with China.

Säätytalossa kerrottiin miljardiluokan sopimuksista ja kiinalaisvaltuuskunnan tulosta Suomeen. Image: YLE

Mobile phone market leader Nokia is reportedly involved in two possible deals with the Chinese, while telecoms operator TeliaSonera is said to be party to another.

Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang arrived in Finland on Thursday for a two-day visit. He and Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen also confirmed that in two weeks, hundreds of Chinese businessmen will visit Finland on a trade and investment mission. Trade deals worth roughly 1.5 billion euros will be signed at that time.

This marks the first time that the Chinese will embark on a formal prospecting mission in Finland. Neither side has revealed details of the proposed investments.

Sources: YLE

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