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Goodbye darkness—sun rises again

Polar night is drawing to a close in the Finnish far north. The sun rose above the horizon in Utsjoki for about an hour on Tuesday, from 11:57am to 12:47pm.

Kaamos alkamassa
Piesjoki Karigasniemellä, kuva Poroniemen päältä 19. marraskuuta. Image: Antero Isola

The sun is, however, still hidden in areas around the North Pole, where it does not rise at all between November 24 and March 19.

In Rovaniemi, near the Arctic Circle, polar night lasts just 24 hours on the day of the winter solstice in December. The sun peeks through areas around the Arctic Circle in wintertime as the atmosphere refracts light, bringing the sun above the horizon.

In Helsinki on the south coast, the day is already nearly seven hours long with sunset just before 4pm.

Sources: YLE

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