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British Eurosceptic MEP Helps True Finns Election Campaign

British MEP Nigel Farage, Co-chair of the Europe Freedom and Democracy Group was in Finland on Sunday to give support to the True Finns party's election campaign.

Oikeistolaisen UKIP-ryhmän puheenjohtaja Nigel Farage ryöpytti EU:n presidenttiä Herman Van Rompuytä ja hänen kotimaataan Belgiaa nuhtelujen arvoisesti. Image: Lucas Dolega / EPA

Farage attended a gathering also attended by True Finns Party Chair, Timo Soini on Sunday. Farage called for a referendum on the future of the EU in the light of the current economic crisis facing Greece and other member states.

The controversial eurosceptic MEP wished the True Finns good luck with their campaign.

Sources: YLE

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