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Police Investigate Internet Banking Fraud

The National Bureau of Investigation suspects 17 people took part in an internet banking fraud aimed at Nordea account holders at the beginning of this year. The perpetrators tried to steal almost 1.2 million euros via a series of over one hundred false transactions. Almost 178,000 euros is still missing.

Image: YLE / Kristiina Lehto

The fraudsters were able to enter 89 customer accounts. Action by the bank and the customers involved prevented most of the attempted fraud.

A malware programme was used by two of the suspects to pry into customers’ internet banking sessions. Money from their accounts was transferred into other accounts both in Finland and abroad. The transfers were not apparent to customers during their internet banking session but were discovered later.

The National Bureau of Investigation suspects a principal perpetrator of aggravated fraud and others of aiding and abetting. A further 15 persons are suspected of money laundering.

Finnish police are investigating the crimes in co-operation with colleagues in Estonia.

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