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Pandemrix victims to receive compensation

Young people who fell ill after they were inoculated against swine flu with the Pandemrix vaccine are to receive compensation. So far 92 people have notified the Finnish Medical Insurance pool of narcolepsy symptoms and requested compensation.

Image: YLE

The amount of compensation has not yet been set, as each case will be investigated individually. Medical care, medication and travel costs are eligible for reimbursement, along with other costs incurred as a result of narcolepsy caused by the Pandemrix vaccinations.

Where the victim is a child, loss of earnings compensation could be paid to parents. After the 30-million euro fund for compensation is exhausted, the state will take responsibility for funding payouts.

The link between Pandemrix and subsequent onset of narcolepsy has been supported by research from Finland’s Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).

Minister promises support to narcolepsy sufferers

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