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A shower of stars

Where clear skies allowed, Finns were treated to a shower of stars on Saturday night. At its peak, the night’s Draconids meteor shower peppered the heavens with up to 300 ”falling stars" an hour.

Draconidi Mikkelistä kuvattuna 8. lokakuuta.
Draconidi Mikkelistä kuvattuna 8. lokakuuta. Image: Ursa / Aki Taavitsainen

Similar displays of meteors were seen in 1933 and 1946. The Finnish stargazers' group Ursa says that the display seen Saturday night and in the early hours of Sunday may be the last ever from this particular meteor swarm.

Dozens of the fiery streaks an hour were observed in the Finnish night sky, peaking, according to Ursa representatives, at up to 300 an hour. However, not all were seen because of clouds and ambient light from a nearly-full moon.

Even so, for many people they were an impressive sight, says Markku Nissinen of Ursa.

"The shower of falling stars was surprisingly visible all over the country because of gaps in the cloud cover. This was the best meteor shower in a long time."

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