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Three Ships Caught in Ice Near Stockholm

The Finnish cruise ship Rosella, run by Viking Line, is one of three ships that got caught in sea ice in Stockholm's archipelago.

Kontio-jäänmurtaja merellä.
Image: YLE

The Swedish paper Dagens Nyheter says that 216 passengers were on board. Rosella was unable to reach its destination Kapellskär, and was forced to turn back to Mariehamn at around 10 p.m. Tuesday night.

Swedish officials say that the larger cruise ships of Viking Line and Silja shouldn't have the same kinds of problems navigating the thick ice in the archipelago.

The Swedish cruise ship Birger Jarl was also stopped by ice as it was on its way to Stockholm. It was stuck for around a day before it managed to turn around and also return to Mariehamn.

A cargo ship Sea Wind, owned by Tallink, also faced the same problems in the same area. It was in difficulties until an icebreaking ship led them out of the crush.

Sources: YLE

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