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New Internet Site Gives Facts on Immigration

Finland’s Ministry of the Interior has unveiled a new internet site aimed at promoting facts and discussion on issues relating to immigration. Questions and articles on the subject can be posted on the site. However, the site does not have a discussion forum.

Kuvakaappaus Puhetta maahanmuutosta -sivustosta
Image: YLE

Project Co-Ordinator, Nexhat Beqiri, emphasizes the site is open to all those interested on the subject of immigration. Site administrators want to give a boost to factual and serious debate and information on the issue. Contributors can post articles in their own name.

”We want to get away from an ‘us and them’ position as well as from preaching and guilt attitudes,” Beqiri adds.

The site is part of a wider project organised by Finland, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Holland and Ireland.

Permanent Under-Secretary of State at the Interior Ministry, Ritva Viljanen believes it is essential to respond to the recent spate of hate postings on the internet. She considers the new site to be one avenue of approach.

”Inciting hatred via the net cannot represent the reality in Finland. A majority of people are definitely not opposed to immigration,” she notes.

The new Finnish language site- Puhetta maahanmuutosta-is administered by a wide range of experts. Technical administration is handled by the Ministry of the Interior.

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