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Federation: Finland Can't Compete with Estonian Prices

Finns travelling to Estonia for cheaper goods is a worrisome trend, according to the Federation of Finnish Commerce. The Federation says Finland cannot match low prices offered by its neighbour.

Alkoholijuomia pakkauksissaan.
Image: YLE

According to the Federation, up to 80 percent of travellers from Finland to Estonia purchase alcohol. Meanwhile, 44 percent buy food products and 42 percent purchase clothing. Nearly 20 percent buy medications.

Inexpensive services also entice Finns to Estonia. In the past two years, one-third of Finnish travellers to Estonia have gone on a spa holiday and 24 percent have visited a hairdresser.

The Federation says cheap tickets to Estonia, higher alcohol taxes in Finland and the possibility of a higher value added tax could drive even more people to shop in Estonia.

Sources: YLE

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