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Police: Gang Brought More than 100 Illegal Immigrants into Finland

Four Latvian citizens are suspected of having smuggled more than 100 illegal immigrants into Finland. According to police, the operation involves an extensive international criminal organisation.

Vartioasemien karsiminen ei vähennä partioiden läsnäoloa. Image: YLE

The suspected crimes took place in 2008 and 2009.

A joint task force of the Helsinki police and the Border Guard has completed its preliminary investigation, with four Latvian citizens on their list of suspects.

The group is believed to have brought in over 100 people into Finland through Russia, Latvia, and Lithuania at a cost of about 8,000 euros per person.

Police say that this was the largest operation of its kind to be discovered in Finland, and that it was also a major crime on a European scale.

Money Trail Leads to Moscow

Finnish authorities believe that the operation was led from Moscow, and that the money was channelled there. All of those who entered Finland have applied for asylum here.

The case follows a number of other cases that went to court earlier this year, in which five Estonian men were convicted for smuggling asylum-seekers from Afghanistan.

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