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Police Nab Foreign Burglar Gangs

Police have uncovered several foreign gangs responsible for a string of burglaries and other property crimes across Finland. Officials say the gang made off with items of considerable value.

Image: Yle

Police have rounded up around 200 suspects in a sting operation. They say the burglaries were carried out blatantly and systematically. In some cases, apartments were broken into in broad daylight even while residents were at home

Many of the stolen goods have been recovered and returned to owners.

According to information received from Europol, some of the gangs operating in Finland have also been involved in similar offences elsewhere across Europe.

Various police units, customs and frontier guard officials joined by the State Prosecutor’s Office tracked down the gang of over fifty persons over a period of several months.

The police say help given by officials in neighbouring countries helped in solving the spate of burglaries.

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