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Increase in Proposed Deportations

Proposals for the deportation of foreign citizens in Finland have increased. The newspaper Helsingin Sanomat reports that there have been significantly more calls to expel foreigners this year than in previous years.

In the January to September period, authorities called for the expulsion 349 foreigners, which is nearly three times the number in two previous years.

The newspaper interviewed an official of the Finnish Immigration Service who said that the threshold for police to endorse the deportation of a foreigner has become lower than before after last year’s shootings at the Sello shopping mall in Espoo.

In that incident in late December, Ibrahim Shkupolli, a 43-year-old Kosovo Albanian, shot dead four people in the mall after killing a former girlfriend in her apartment, and later himself.

Supreme Police Commander Mikko Paatero says that the police have not adopted any new policies in the matter, but he suspects that such events can make officials more vigilant.

In the past year, a larger proportion of deportation proposals were approved. This year, three out of four deportation proposals were approved, up from three out of every five a year earlier.

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